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LOC & Other Updates

June 22nd, 2008 at 09:33 am

LOC - I stopped at the bank on Friday evening and they had processed the Line of Credit closing and now I just have to wait for the County to process, which takes 4-6 weeks. I was worried about the bank not the County so this is welcome information.

Escrow Refund - I contacted Countrywide to see when the escrow refund check went out. They said it was mailed June 9 which is almost two weeks ago. No response from my ex regarding the check. He knows we both need to sign it. My share is around $775 so I would like to have it deposited in my bank. I'll try again today.

Frog/Tadpole Pond - The tadpoles continue to grow and more than 18 have back legs now. Everyday a couple more sprout back legs. My niece's 8 month old kitten, Brook, was caught last night eating the frog(ugh) who has been contributing new young to the frog pond so until some other frog takes its place no new brother or sisters.

Garden - I didn't water the garden Fri/Sat and it did not rain. I watered this morning, so I'm sure there will be rain today/nite. LOL

Soda Withdrawal - It seems to be going well. The headache is manageable and I might even go out with my SIL to Sam's Club and then to Chevy's for dinner.

1 Responses to “LOC & Other Updates”

  1. klbb90 Says:

    Just an update, it started raining a 7:30pm. LOL

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