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Refund Checks

June 24th, 2008 at 12:29 pm

Comcast has sent me the $68+ they owed me for a refund. It took them 24 days. The statement took about 5 days. So, that's good news. It can go in the Money Market account until I decide what to do with it. Its also another closure in the sale and moving from the house.

I have one check left from Countrywide. I called them yesterday and a service representative explained that although the check was sent June 11 it could take 14 business days to reach me. Call on the 15 business day. What a load of stuff! It certainly never took the post office more than 5 days to deliver my payment to them. So, either my ex is lying and holding the check or Countrywide is holding the check and collecting interest on my money until the last minute.

In the mail was also a rebate check for $26.26 from Riteaid. That goes back into my checking account to pay for more items on the Riteaid Rebate program. Its less this month because I don't get to Riteaid as often as before because to the move. This month looks to be even less.

Someone wrote that for their $20 challenge they put in their savings from coupons. I am really impressed. The only way I can buy those items is by combining coupons and sales. Its how I make my spending plan (budget) work. Guess I'll have to think on this.

2 Responses to “Refund Checks”

  1. Maria - Frugal Homesteading Says:

    yay! It's nice to have the money back so you can allocate it as you need to.

  2. klbb90 Says:

    So true! And I really want to finish all my money ties to my ex.

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