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Saying No to a Teenager

April 9th, 2008 at 05:42 pm

My one and only, a seventeen year old, has wants. All his friends get what they want from their parents, according to him. He has said I should go out and get a high powered career that pays big bucks so I can support him in the manor to which he wants to become accustomed. Not going to happen. I like what I do and I have no interest in a job that consumes me. I make enough to meet his needs plus some of his wants. I've told him to get a job of his own if he wants extras I'm not willing to purchase.

My only regret is that when he was a toddler we started putting money monthly in his name for college. He has no interest in further schooling at this point and at eighteen the money will be his to do what he wants with. As I looked at his sweet face as a little boy I was sure he would go to college or trade school and the money would be well spent to ensure his future. I suppose, I have to look at it as giving him a good initial start and let it go. In 3.5 months it will be out of my hands.

People learn the most from their mistakes so if he spends it all in the first year it will be his choice to live with. I won't make this mistake with any grandchildren. That way if they are late bloomers and need help in there 20's with school the money will be there.

3 Responses to “Saying No to a Teenager”

  1. njdebbie Says:

    I'm curious... Why does the money have to go to him if he has no interest in going to college? Can't you keep it until he is mature enough to realize he needs to learn a trade or pursue an education? Open a business or something? I ask because I don't know much about saving for college. I just think that money put away for college should be used for college or trade school. Just my two cents. I

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Haha, isn't it great when teenagers have a sense of humor....

    Is there any way you can "suspend" the money? Or is that money legally bound to him somehow?

  3. klbb90 Says:

    In Maryland in the early nineties the options were limited. No such thing as a 529 like today. It was either keep the money in our names or put it in a custodial account. Well at 18 years the custodial account dissovles and he gets the money.

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