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Planning, Persistence & Decisions

April 11th, 2008 at 05:53 pm

I ate dinner first so I wouldn't think about food or get impatient due to hunger. I checked the Safeway site to see what brands were included in the Spend 30 get a 10 coupon for your next sale. I matched my coupons to the list. I double checked I had spent enough and even had the checker ask if the 30 total was presale price or post. It was presale. I spent 36.81 - 11.64(sale) - 10.74(coupons)= 14.43. Then I didn't get the 10 coupon. So I went to the desk to ask why. I explained the problem to the desk manager and offered to return everything on the order and then go back through the line again. The error turned out to be with the cashier according to the manager. The manager offered to give me the 10 back as cash. Hey, that took my cost to 4.43, what could I say but "show me the money."

I met my Dad at the potential apartment. He felt I should hold off on getting the appliances so soon. After thinking about it, I decided that since we are in a recession that the good prices will continue for the next couple of months. I'll wait. My ex is supposed to be buying me out of our marital home. When I've asked if he has financing, he says he's working on it. We agreed to settle May 30/June 2. Dad's concerned that my ex won't end up buying me out. I'm willing to put it on the market, but it could take awhile to sell. The market is slow. I like where I live so that part would be okay. But, I worry.

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