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Weekly Drugstore Shopping

April 14th, 2008 at 07:29 pm

Stopped by RiteAid to pick up their free with store rebate/coupon items. The difference between a city and country RiteAid is the city store sells out and the country store mostly has stock.

Samy Shampoo - free w/rebate out of stock
Addidas - free w/coupon out of stock
Aquafresh - 2.49 free w/rebate
Colgate Total - 2.99 free w/rebate
Bic Soliel Razors 4+2bonus(2) - 6.29 BOGO
2 coupons $2.00ea = 2.29
Bic Cmfrt Razors 4+2bonus(2) - 6.29 BOGO
2 coupons $3.00ea = .29

Total coupon savings $10, rebate savings $5.48.

I'm thinking of returning the bic soliel razors, I don't like the end price. They don't meet my goal. The comfort razors are almost free at 12 for $.29. Having 12 razors would last me about a year+ giving me time to look for another free or almost free deal. April 1, I got 4 razors free thru RiteAid with their rebate. No sense in spending money to stock up on something that with patience I will eventually get for free or very very close.

I'll stop on my way to the library and return the razors and try to buy the out of stock items at my RiteAid.

1 Responses to “Weekly Drugstore Shopping”

  1. Blue Eyes Says:

    I also like doing the FAR deals at drug stores and combining them with coupons!!

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