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Packages to Afghanistan

April 15th, 2008 at 08:28 pm

I have adopted thru Anysoldier.com a group of soldiers in Afghanistan. The contact person is a Capt. who leads 100 men and women serving in the Army. Although its 30-40 degrees at night they don't have sheets or blankets. They need the basics and the little luxuries we take for granted here at home in the USA.

I wanted so much to help. However, I don't have alot of money. Just shipping a box costs $11-12 and that doesn't include whats in it. So, I've come up with a plan. I will send one box a week.

Week 1 will be media items, little or no cost to me (except postage). The local library has 1.00 a bag used books and my sister-in-law has offered to give me leftover magazine(US, People, ect) brought and left by passengers on the AutoTrain (they would be trashed by the cleaning crews otherwise). DVD's are more of a challenge but perhaps a $5-6 sale video, or donation. I like the idea of a humerous movie to bring some laughter into their lives. Budgeted amount $6-7.

Week 2 will be snacks. Through out the month I will watch the ads for loss leaders and put them in the box, trying for a max. amount of $20 for snacks.

Week 3 will be personal care items. Things like shampoo,body wash, lotions, tooth paste/brushes, lip gloss, and other items. Once again, I will look for free to low cost items using sale prices/coupons/rebates/ect. Budgeted amount will be about $10.

Week 4 will be fun things and maybe things for the locals. Card games like poker and Uno. Beanie babies. Pencils and school supplies. I'll ask and then hit the yard sales this spring/summer, back to school sales in stores and dollar stores. Budgeted amount will be about $10-20.

Total budget is approx. $103 a month (items & postage). Its alot but I recently had an Aunt and Uncle pass away who left the nieces(me) and nephews small legacies. He was career Army and served in WWII. I think he would have liked to have received packages from home so I think this is a fitting way to honor him and his service to our country.

4 Responses to “Packages to Afghanistan”

  1. Petunia Says:

    What a sweet way to honor your uncle. A local VFW is organized to do these types of care boxes, and DD and participated in packing the boxes with a scout troop one evening. The people at the VFW told us how much the soldiers enjoy them.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Remember you can use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping boxes...any weight for just $8.95 (price may go up in mid May). Might not work well for all your items, but may for some. Thanks for thinking of the troops. They do appreciate them.

    Not sure what to think about the lack of blankets...I know my husband was issued a sleeping bag.

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    What a great thing to do! Don't forget stores like the dollar store. often has great deals on stuff and stores might be willing to donate items as well. especially right before and after major holidays.

  4. frugalhousewife Says:

    Definitely use the flat rate boxes. I have two adopted soldiers. You would be surprised at how much you can fit into those boxes! Dh and I have been doing this for three years now. The group that I adopted our soldiers from recently sent out an email begging for people to adopt. We need more people like you!

    It does cost money each month, but I consider that a very small price to pay as thank you to those serving our country.

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