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Yard Sales

April 20th, 2008 at 05:27 am

We are now in the second half of April and Saturday here in the Washington DC area was incredibly beautiful. In past years there were so many yard sales by now, you just couldn't stop at 1/4 of them. Yesterday there just a couple of handfuls. It was a surprise.

That said, I got everything on my wish list at the prices I was happy to pay. I am sending DVDs and books over to Afghanistan. I got 9 DVDs for $12. I got 22 books for $1. I won't have a dishwasher in my new apartment so I wanted a drainer and got the 2pc set for $1. I also wanted a mini-trampoline and got it for $5.

Although gas prices are an issue for yardsaling for me, I live in a rural area and the community of 10,000 plus homes with good stuff is 45 mins away, I went with a friend and so I drove and she paid for gas. Usually when I shop for me and take a friend, I can't find what I want, but they get everything they've been looking for for the last year but couldn't find. Its irritating after awhile, but perhaps I've found my muse, insteading of being everyone elses. I like a good bargain but I really enjoy the adventure and joy of treasure hunting with a friend.

While yardsaling in this community I usually take advantage of going to stores that I don't have in my community. One is a health food store, they have the whole grains I mix together to make my morning cereal. I stock up for 3mos at a time. Another is a Wonderbread outlet which has good prices on whole grain breads. There is also a Target, so I check the ads to see their sales and from now on I will take my coupons because they have (hit or miss) great unadvertised deals. Yesterday, they had crest toothpaste 8oz with a toothbrush together marked down to 1.68 but I didn't have my coupon for a $1 with me that would have given me the pair for $.68. Live and learn.

One of my favorite communities is have a community wide sale in two weeks. It will probably be the last time I yard sale until fall. To be honest, it will be for fun because I am decluttering not acquiring. My wish list is small right now, an oscillating fan on a stand and a fire pit, not things usually found at yards sales but hey stranger things have happened.

2 Responses to “Yard Sales”

  1. Nic Says:

    "My wish list is small right now, an oscillating fan on a stand..."
    Funny you should say that. My next yard sale will include an oscillating tower fan and a desk fan, but not the oscillating fan on a stand

  2. klbb90 Says:

    So are you in the DC area? LOL

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