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May 2nd, 2008 at 08:59 pm

We got the new student. It was a challenging first day. The student had to be restrained for one and a half hours. It took 6 staff to restrain the student in shifts so no harm came to the student and minimal harm to staff. He went home early that day. Our school just doesn't have the facilities or staff to deal with this level of need. We had to neglect the education of other students ready to learn to deal with this student exclusively for 2 hours. I believe strongly in this student's right to be educated, just not penalizing the rights of other students to receive their education because of insufficient staff and facility to deal with this one student.

The student's mother left work to help with her child. She seems to be a great parent in a difficult situation. I wonder how she is able to hold down a decent paying job with the demands placed on her having a very disabled child as a single parent.

For myself, I was bruised from the student kicking. The older you get the longer it takes to heal and recover from injuries and physical strain. Even the other two younger co-workers came in tired and sore.

We will keep trying and adjusting our strategies to best service this student and the other students. It is what we do.

2 Responses to “Challenges”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    Kudos to you, Lisa. I give you a lot of credit. I don't know how you deal with the demands of your job. It's hard enough to provide mainstream students what they need given all of the challenges present on a daily basis. It is draining and many times I feel defeated. I can imagine how you feel.

  2. Petunia Says:

    Wow. You have a great and realistic attitude in a difficult situation.

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