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An Unexpected Pay Raise

May 26th, 2008 at 07:02 am

Next fall I will get two raises in pay. One is a step increase. The second is a cost of living. The two amount to about 6%. This is a surprise to me. The way the county and state are posturing I though they would not only not give out the COL but maybe even freeze the step increase. Every school is going to lose teachers, the question is how many. Class size is expected to rise quite a bit. No one should lose their job due to the huge number of teachers retiring. A few might have to transfer, but thats it(but that happens every year).

The step and COL raises plus moving closer to work might make up for the inflation thats hitting so hard. Soon I have to make some decisions that will impact my monthly costs.

I am going to have to choose between landline and cell. For the internet: no home service, dail-up service or high speed service. I could use the library high speed for one hour a day or library wifi unlimited if I purchase a laptop with wifi. No wifi at home just in the community.

It makes my head spin round and round. For now I am going to just use my cell phone and when school gets out for summer, switch to the library for internet until I decide.

5 Responses to “An Unexpected Pay Raise”

  1. Blue Eyes Says:

    Good for you!! A nice surprise!

  2. Aleta Says:

    That's always a nice surprise.

  3. Amber Says:

    Goodfor you Smile that was a really nice surprise. I have been debating about my land line as well, it will save me about $40 a month and I hardly use it

  4. koppur Says:

    We've been debating about the land line as well. Will save us about $50, but we can take $25 of that to get WiFi, which we really want, and stills ave $25! Great job!

  5. managinglife Says:

    We made the decision to get rid of our landline which saved us $70 a month. You are being very pro-active with your budget. Keep up the good work and congrats on your pay raise!

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