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Telephone Provider Decisions- Help!

June 11th, 2008 at 05:14 pm

It is all so complex. Alot of options and ways to do it. But I need to consider carefully to get what I need without over paying.

I am open to all thoughts, suggestions and experiences readers want to share.

I have Verizon Wireless as my cellphone service. My son is on my plan. He, being a teenager, lives for, with and on his cellphone. I have agreed to continue service and cover his cellphone until his 18th birthday at the end of July. My contract is already up, so I have the freedom to decide what I want to do in August. I pay $115 a month (15% discount for being a County employee)for 3 phones and unlimited text and pics in and out of plan and Verizon. Of course, I don't text, but I am going to learn how. I could take off one of the phones, for a $10 savings and cancel the insurance ($5) on my son's cell. This would save me $15 a month. So, my bill would be around $100 with taxes and fees. I'm not willing to continue this service if I have to pay $100 a month.

When I move into my apartment at my brothers, it will come with Directv. But, for a house phone I will have to get my own with Verizon (pay to install a second line). Also, heaven forbid, he has dial-up internet service and I am spoiled both at home and work with highspeed internet.

He has expressed a willingness to switch to Verizon for fios TV and highspeed internet as he already uses them for a home phone. However, I will have to be willing to pay part of the cost for high speed that exceeds what he already puts out. He pays in the 50's for his home phone + more for the Directv cost. I don't know the cost of his Directv.

I'm hoping to get a deal that gives all 3 for what he pays now for the two. If I have high speed internet I can get MagicJack for my phone service. It will only cost me $20 a year and a one time fee of $20 for the hardware. I would avoid a monthly phone bill.

But alot of people are cutting out home phones altogether and only having a cellphone. My cellphone reception in all parts of my apartment is great. Do I really need a home phone? Am I getting one because I grew up with one and thats just what you do? I hate sales calls disturbing my evening. Anybody out there rely only on there cellphone, how's it working for you?

At one point, my brother was going to use Verizon high speed internet but they were too time consuming a project for installation when he is rarely home. So, he decided the slower dialup service is sufficient and allows him to stop and get a drink from the fridge while downloading. LOL.

I keep hearing how expensive prepaid cellphones are between minutes and monthly fees and taxes. I use less than 150 minutes going out of plan, but a lot talking in plan to family and friends. Anyone have any thoughts or experience?

If I can restructure the house services to include highspeed, phone and FiosTv at the same price they pay now, then I wouldn't have to pay anything for that.

Good thing I have this blog as my way to think these things through. Having to write it out makes me consider the possibilities in a way that can be written and understood. Am I making sense yet? LOL. My head is still spinning.

4 Responses to “Telephone Provider Decisions- Help!”

  1. Petunia Says:

    My head is spinning too. It spins every time I reconsider phone/internet options. We still have a land line (that's what I grew up with too Smile ) plus cell phones (DH's is paid for by work) plus. . . dial up internet and only the previously mentioned land line. Every time I attempt to reevaluate this stuff I would end up spending more if I switched. So we stay with what we have.

  2. greengirl Says:

    for mobiles you might be able to get a 'capped' plan where for instance, if you pay $50 a month you can get around $250 worth of calls and texts. my flatmate has this and she hardly ever comes near exceeding it. it might be helpful for you son. i am not sure about mobile plans in America (i am assuming you live in america???) but this is what we have in australia and they are very popular.

  3. klbb90 Says:

    greengirl, yes I am in America. Sometimes to much choice is not a good thing.

  4. debtfreeme Says:

    I have only ever had a cell phone. i have lots of minutes and a good plan but i have no home phone line at all. right now i piggy back off my house mates line. would your brother consider doing wireless internet for you to still have access but no phone line is needed fr you to share the wireless internet.

    i pay about $12 a month to share the plan with her. it is easy and simple to set up and the set up costs were only 100 for the router.

    something to consider.

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