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Simple Summer Pleasures

June 18th, 2008 at 05:23 am

My sister has a small pond on the side of her house. You know one of those landscape ones, about 4ft by 6ft. She has had goldfish in it for years. Last year a blue heron discovered an easy meal. This year, due to being busy the pond just sat unused and untreated. Well, life will find a way. Frogs and toads have found a perfect place to leave their eggs. There must be 1000 tadpoles in there. They are all shapes and sizes. Its very cool.

Years ago, something similar happened to my sons child pool while we were on vacation. We came home to toad/frog eggs. We looked at a book described the lifecycle and he decided that instead of having a pool he would watch the eggs become frogs or toads. He loved it and had the best summer. Everyday he would go out and feed the tadpoles leftover goldfish food (the fish died). We eventually had baby toads.

Well, there is plenty of leftover goldfish food so I am feeding the tadpoles and I noticed yesterday that the larger ones, probably older, have gotten their hind legs. And, just like goldfish they come to the surface to be fed whereas when I first started they went to the bottom of the pool. Cheap entertainment with existing resources.

Its amazing how people, family and company, adults and children, like to go watch them and check out the different levels of growth from 1/4 inch to 2 inches with hind legs.

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