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Quitting Soda & CVSing

June 20th, 2008 at 06:38 pm

I stopped at CVS first thing:

(2) CrossAction Power TB @ 5.99
(1) Zantac 150 8pk @ 4.99
(6) cans of Salmon @1.50
(1) filler @ 1.00
Total before tax $26.99
(1) BIGI free MQ for TB -8.99
(1) Zantac MQ 4.99
(1) 5 off 25 purchase
(1) ecbs 7.99

=0.00 oop, got back 6 ecbs

The CVS clerk said "You always get the best deals." Little did she know how hard I worked on that deal and another I will do tomorrow. It took probably 30mins to get the orders to end up on -1 ecb's and .50 oop. I've been trying to find a way to get the salmon for free or almost free. I was waiting on contractors at my brothers house with time to kill and doing this is like solving a puzzle to me.

I'm quitting diet soda today, so I probably won't use the zantac as much. I'll have a headache until my body breaks the caffeine addiction(48-72hrs). I don't want the cost financially & physically. It costs me a minimum of $2.50 a day and thats if I don't go to a restaurant. I can drink a gallon of diet soda a day. It is a terrible addiction for me.

Also, I want fatty foods instead of salads and fruits, which is also a big expense weight and healthwise. Sodas are acidic and now that I'm older the acid gives me acid reflux and builds up in my joints and makes me ache and walk like a woman 30 or more years older. Then I don't want to exercise. It also causes me to sleep lighter and less. Dark colored soda contains phosphorus and that blocks the absorption of calcium. Calcium is needed for muscles and bone and at 47 that puts me at a higher risk for osteophorosis, plus my family history makes it a no-no. You can tell that soda is a big problem for me. I know some people can drink just 1 soda now and then but I can't seem to do that. It is all or nothing. So, I have to accept what is and just quit.

Improving my health with diet and exercise is one of my goals. I want to lose 35-40lbs by the second week in October. With exercise and a good diet, I know I can do it. This is my first step.

And, the financial savings will be substantial directly and indirectly. It will be at least $75 a month plus no more living on tylenol and advil for achy pains. Even using generics adds up over time. The zantac I was getting for free, but that may not have lasted forever. I won't crave fatty fast foods and chocolate, in fact fast foods don't taste good to me without soda.

So quitting is easy but painful. Staying soda free is the hard part.

6 Responses to “Quitting Soda & CVSing”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    Wow that is very interesting stuff about dark sodas. Funny- im now craving soda although you convinced me to lay off it a bit more.

  2. NJDebbie Says:

    Not long ago I quit soda for 9 days. I had a pounding headache for 4 days out of the nine. I can kick myself in the a$$ because I had a diet soda on the 10th day (so much for will power). I also have a terrible addiction to soda and want to quit with all my soul but now I'm so afraid of those headaches I don't know what to do. Let me know how it goes for you.

  3. Lady T Says:

    Wow, I could have written some of the sentences in your post myself; I'm also 47 and drink a ton of soda (Diet Coke is my poison). I went off it ONCE unintentionally (by drinking caffeine-free Diet Coke without realizing it) and the headache was horrific. It was a day and a half before I figured out the cause of this headache that nothing would relieve, and I was really starting to freak out a bit ... so I am afraid of a repeat experience like that! I wish you luck and I look forward to hearing how it's going for you!

  4. klbb90 Says:

    I have found a way to lighten the headache. It used to be as severe as a migraine (years ago I suffered from cluster migraines). As I feel the headache coming on I take two tylenol or advil and add two benedryl tablets. Doing that makes its bearable and I can function thru the day. I also don't have the headache for as long 1-2 days versus 3-5 days.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    Soda was a rare treat for us when I was a kid. We drank milk or water, and not much else. So, I actually don't like soda but prefer water. The only time I use soda is in a mixed drink; I like rum with diet sprite.
    I can't imagine having a headache either. I have only had one headache in about 10 years and that was because of a small child crying for 4 hours.

  6. klbb90 Says:

    Soda was a rare treat for us also. Milk with meals and water inbetween. Unfortunately, I think I said to myself "when I grow up I'll drink as much soda as I want." Becareful what you wish for! Ugh

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