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Eating My Words

June 26th, 2008 at 03:13 pm

So I'm eating my words. My DS can drive my ex's vehicle since he is insured with me. I called and double checked today. Obviously, my memory of what the agent said last time is in error.

I had a fantastic money saving day. Somedays are just like that and this was one of them.

First, my mom invited to have lunch with her and my dad. Yum, just what I shouldn't eat, fried chicken and potato salad. I should have said no thank you. But, its free and I like to eat with them. However, its not the kind of foods I should be eating to meet my goal of losing 40lbs by October.

I stopped at RiteAid to do a deal, RiteAid SPF45 Spray for Kids at 7.99 BOGO - (2) $2 RA Q = $3.99 and then at home I enter the receipt for a mail rebate from RiteAid for $5. A one dollar profit. RiteAid had the product so I purchased them. Yeah!

The gas station had gas for $3.91 a gallon. Best price in weeks, so I filled up. Last night it was $4.01. I heard on the news the Republicans are looking for a ways to lower (oil)gas prices in an attempt to win the election in November, possibly opening the strategic petroleum reserve.

I went to the VerizonWireless store and took off an extra phone on my cell phone plan (ex's phone) for a $10 a month savings. I get a 15% discount for being a State/County employee, every little bit helps ($13.50 savings).

Next was the bank to get my 1/2 of the escrow account. That went off without any problems. Although I do need to open another account with another bank because I am over the FDIC insurance amount. That is my goal for next week.

My next stop was supposed to be Safeway but instead of turning I went straight so I thought, okay I'll go to the used book store. Jackpot. The two books I would have paid 20% off at Borders were 50% off at the used book store. Plus, I don't have to drive 40mins to the nearest Borders, so gas saved. The gas savings ($8)is more than the book savings($3). Yahoo! The only downside is I use GC's from point programs to buy books from Borders and this required cash. I guess the GCs will be used for other books or Christmas gifts.

Safeway was next and I got 4 cans of solid white albacore tuna for $.66 each. And, I got a box of Rice-a-Roni for free with coupon and sale price. Love sales!

Then I got home and Lowes had sent me a 10 off 50 purchase, so I gave it to my dad, the handyman around here. He was thrilled.

A great day for savings.

2 Responses to “Eating My Words”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    Glad you figured out the insurance deal. I thought you'd be okay, but the rules change so much from state to state that you never know. Also - didn't realize you were in Maryland, me too! Smile

  2. klbb90 Says:

    Thanks Sillyoleme! My agent said that rumor had been flying around for at least 20 years and not to worry about it.

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